Dear David,
Below is my testimony for Soursop Tea Leaf.
After taken Soursoup Tea drink for 2 weeks in January 2016 and watch my diet and some exercises,
my LDL Cholesterol drop from high 152mg/dL to pass 129mg/dL. The good range is <130.
My fatty Liver condition also improve; Liver Profile:
SGPT/ ALT  - Drop from 105 U/L to 84 U/L (Ref Range <37)
SGOT/ AST - Drop from 54 U/L to 46 U/L (Ref Range < 41)
Gamma GT - Drop from 65 U/L to 38 U/L (Ref Range < 51)
Thanks for the Soursop Tea.
 Frankie, 16 May 2016